Brooklyn/Queens Greenway

TF&A envisioned connecting Fredrick Law Olmsted’s 19th century park system in Brooklyn with Robert Moses’ 20th century Queens park system to create a 40-mile bicycle and pedestrian path from the Atlantic beaches at Coney Island to the Long Island Sound.

Working with the support of major foundations, TF&A initiated feasibility and design studies that were successful in convincing New York City that the project would greatly expand the use and enjoyment of the system while enhancing bicycle and pedestrian safety. The design study received a Merit Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects. The project was a finalist in the Rudy Brunner Award for Excellence in the Urban Environment and was featured in National Geographic.

The NYC Departments of Parks and Recreation and Transportation implemented TF&A’s award-winning design and built the Brooklyn/Queens Greenway, which now provides new recreation, education, and transportation opportunities for millions of New Yorkers.

Brooklyn/Queens Greenway Feasibility
Brooklyn/Queens Greenway Guide

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