About Tom Fox & Associates

Tom Fox is an innovative urban park and waterfront planner and environmental entrepreneur. In 1995, he formed Tom Fox & Associates (TF&A) to work with like-minded professionals, investors, and public decision-makers on select projects. 

TF&A is a results-oriented team with demonstrated skills in strategic urban and regional planning and research, public involvement and education, project management and operations, and new business development. We specialize in the analysis of complex situations, creation of sustainable solutions, and development of public and private partnerships to complete successful projects.

TF&A has executed innovative research, planning, and development work in the nonprofit, government and business sectors. The result has been revitalized waterfronts, new and restored parks and greenways, imaginative new businesses, informed and involved citizens, and creative public policy.

TF&A provides advice and participation in start-up business ventures. Our in-depth, risk-adjusted, analysis in provides the perspective needed to measure the merit of emerging opportunities. Using a multi-faceted approach, we assess a project’s intrinsic value, economic viability and regulatory environments.