Brooklyn Bridge Park

As the advent of containerization ended commercial maritime activity on the Brooklyn docks, the Port Authority of NY & NJ proposed building 3 million square feet of housing on the piers below the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. TF&A helped the local community develop an alternative plan for a waterfront park and implemented a multi-year political, legal, community, and media initiative to slow the redevelopment plan.

We reached out to traditional park and environmental advocates, sports leagues, runners, bicyclists, and birders throughout the city to create a broad coalition to support and provide legitimacy for the community’s alternative park plan. TF&A worked to create a set of principles to guide redevelopment and convince the government of the physical and financial benefits of building a new waterfront park.

The resulting award-winning Brooklyn Bridge Park now provides critically needed open space resources for adjacent downtown Brooklyn neighborhoods while burnishing the image of Brooklyn as a desirable place to live, work, and visit.

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